The MIDL 2019 Best Paper and Best Poster Awards are sponsored by Kheiron Medical Technologies. Congratulations to all authors!

Photo of the award ceremony

Best Paper Award

Exploring Local Rotation Invariance in 3D CNNs With Steerable Filters
Vincent Andrearczyk, Julien Fageot, Valentin Oreiller, Xavier Montet, Adrien Depeursinge

Best Paper Runner-Up

Adversarial Pseudo Healthy Synthesis Needs Pathology Factorization
Tian Xia, Agisilaos Chartsias, Sotirios A. Tsaftaris

Boundary Loss for Highly Unbalanced Segmentation
Hoel Kervadec, Jihene Bouchtiba, Christian Desrosiers, Eric Granger, Jose Dolz, Ismail Ben Ayed

Best Poster Award

Stain-Transforming Cycle-Consistent Generative Adversarial Networks for Improved Segmentation of Renal Histopathology
Thomas de Bel, Meyke Hermsen, Jesper Kers, Jeroen van der Laak, Geert Litjens

Best Poster Runner-Up

Weakly Supervised Deep Nuclei Segmentation Using Points Annotation in Histopathology Images
Hui Qu, Pengxiang Wu, Qiaoying Huang, Jingru Yi, Gregory M. Riedlinger, Subhajyoti De, Dimitris N. Metaxas